Personal Safety

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Keeping you and your family safe is a priority for our team here at Armor Readiness.  We carry a large selection of personal safety gear to keep you safe in any situation.  From expandable batons to pepper spray and bullet proof backpacks, you can be confident that the attacker will wish they chose a different target! Being on the receiving end of our stun guns, pepper spray, and impact tools is not a good place to be. When you thinik emergency preparedness, or being prepared, it does not alwys mean being ready for a large catastrophic event.  When things become personal, make sure you have the Armor Readiness advantage.

Before you talk about the tools, you need to ask yourself if you have sound personal safety habits in your day to day life.  Some things to consider:

  • How alert are you?  Do you meander through the day talking on a cell phone not noticing anything outside of your immediate reach?
  • Do you completely understand the difference between cover and concealment? 
  • Have you ever played the “what if” game?

You can purchase as many personal safety items as you’d like, but without the proper mindset and training, you may just find yourself fumbling around when it is time to act.  Here are a couple of recommendations to clear up what we mean.


The “what if” game simply means you have mentally prepared yourself for certain situations.  A good example of this is a nurse or caregiver.  They have probably rehearsed over and over what to do in the event of a medical emergency.  They know who to call, where to go, and what to do.  Police officers do this daily.  Every stop is a gamble, so they train to go over every wild scenario they can think of before contact is made.  The element of surprise is a horrible thing if you are the one being surprised.  

Be aware of your surroundings.  If things just don’t look right, take note of it.  You should be looking at  things like shopping carts, curbs, or planters as things you could use to put between you and an attacker, or at least slow them down while you reach for your personal safety gear.  At a movie or a nice dinner?  Take note of entrances and exits.  Have a quick mental plan so that part of the “worst case” is already figured out.  It’s not being paranoid, it is about being educated and ready!

So you have picked up your favorite personal safety items from Armor Readiness.  Thats great!  We encourage you to become familiar with the product.  Know what all the switches do, how to manipulate the features, and how to access it.  It isn’t going to do you any good if your stun gun is in the bottom of your purse or backpack with $5.00 in change and a box of candy from the last time you went to the movies.  Make sure it is accessible and you have trained yourself to get to it and effectively deploy it.  Ask any serious gun owner, military or law enforcement officer and they will tell you.  If they carry a firearm in an ankle holster, in their vest, on the small of their back, in their bra..etc., they have trained at the range, over and over again, getting to it and putting bullets down range until it was second nature.  This is the same for their pepper spray, batons, handcuffs, radio, taser, anything that keeps them safe every day.  This mindset works for the every day person as well.  You know where your keys are, your cell phone, and now your new Guard Dog Pepper Spray.  

If you are well prepared, confidence follows.  Are you an avid runner or just like to take walks outside?  Take a look at the Guard Dog InstaFire.  This tiny pepper spray fits in a soft carrier in the palm of your hand.  Perfect for quick, easy deployment.  Not sure if you would rather carry a flashlight or a stun gun?  Carry both! We carry several items that combine the best of both.  In some cases, we even have products that have stun functions, illumination, and pepper spray all in one!  ** NEW ** Take a look at our new category of products specifically for her!  We have added a large selection of concealed carry purses that are stylish and functional!