Home Security

Armor Readiness can help keep the home base secure!  Take a look at our selection of alerts, security, and cameras!

They say that a man’s home is his castle.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Imagine you were able to look at home security in the same light as they did during the Medieval times.  Your home, or castle, was surrounded by a large moat, giant walls, a draw bridge, and maybe even a dragon or two (I hear).  Armor Readiness is always on the look-out for the latest in technology that, in todays day and age, is as close as we get to being able to secure our homes like a fortress.  

Sure, you can probably try and get the moat and 100 foot wall approved, but it would probably easier finding that baby dragon!  Don’t worry, here are some products from Armor Readiness that can help you secure your fortress:

So where do you start?  At Armor Readiness, we understand the criminal element and how it relates to emergency preparedness.  Start with the basics… This may sound obvious, but to start, lock the doors and windows.  Criminals are opportunists.  Most home security plans should focus on making your property less desirable than the next property.  We aren’t talking about overgrown lawns and broken down cars in the driveway.  Desirable to a criminal is something easy to get in wreak havoc, and get out without drawing any attention.  Criminals do not like being the center of attention, in any capacity.  That said, here are some home security must-do’s.

  • Keeps bushes trimmed back.  Bad guys love to use them as concealment.  This is especially true when using surveillance cameras.  Make sure they are not obstructed by branches.
  • Flood Lights - One of the easiest forms of home security.  Bright lights equipped with motion sensors are hated by bad guys.  Make sure they are pointed in the right direction and compliment any security cameras.  Remember every avenue of approach to your home.  Don’t forget the side approaches!
  • Security cameras  -  Try to overlap coverage from one camera to another.  Use the lights to your advantage and focus the cameras and lights at the same point.  Avoid blinding the cameras with your own lights.  Talk with your neighbors.  In some communities, neighbors will work together and coordinate camera angles to catch everyone coming and going from the area.
  • Home security systems - Use yard signs and window decals.  It shouldn’t be a secret that the home is secured by an alarm.  Remember, any criminal worth his pawn ticket would be much more likely to avoid a well lit, obviously secure home when the house down the street is dark and inviting.  

Armor readiness is actively working with some of our favorite vendors to carry the best items in home security.  In addition to our cameras and security systems, take a look at our flashlights, stun guns, and other personal safety items.  You never know when you may need to take the fight inside! Be prepared!