Food Needs

Shop Armor Readiness to prepare your emergency food stores!

Armor Readiness carries an extensive selection of emergency food supplies to keep you and your family fed when an unexpected emergency happens. 

According to the Red Cross, people are encouraged to store at least seven days of food and water for each family member (including your pets!).  But what if you are in a “high risk” zone?  Emergency preparedness is key.  Disasters like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy were truly enormous, showing us that some disasters are so devastating that it could take months for even the basic supply chain to properly recover! In these high risk zones, the recommendation is bumped up to one to three months of emergency food supplies.

When properly stored, our emergency food kits have a shelf life of over 20 years!  Worried about gluten? We even have 84 serving entree and breakfast buckets that are gluten free.  During those 20 years, we hope the time never comes when these kits have to be put into service.  Even if never used, the peace of mind of knowing that your food needs are covered is priceless.

In addition to pre packaged food storage, Armor Readiness has something for those who want to be prepared and are working on a plan ahead of time.  Take a look at our vegetable and herb seeds.  Our garden-in-a-box gives you the option to create your own garden of fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs to take you another step closer to being self sufficient.  How can you preserve your own fruit and meat?  Canning or jarring is one method, another is smoking or dehydrating.  Armor Readiness strives to provide everything you need to help in the process.  We also have solutions to your water storage and food preservation problems.  Take a look!