Outdoor Preparedness

Taking it outside? Armor Readiness has everything you need.

Prefer living off of the land? Maybe it wasn’t your decision.. here you are, what now?  Any good emergency plan should have a component of readiness that assumes you either have no utilities due to a structural failure, or you chose to live off of the grid.  Armor Readiness has covered every base possible.  Take a look at our emergency survival kits! These kits come pre-packed with everything from first aid equipment, illumination and even portable radios.  We even carry kits that are disaster specific.  If you live in an earthquake zone your needs may be different than someone who worries about floods or blackouts.  We have even thought about your pets!

Technology is far more advanced than it was 20 years ago.  This is also true in emergency preparedness supplies.  Although the methods are the same, how we are getting it done is quite different.  Starting and keeping a fire going is an example.  With our Wise Fire buckets on hand, starting a fire is a snap.  This material contains no harsh chemicals, lights easy, and can be stored alongside the rest of your emergency kits to be put in service when needed.  What about lighters? Sure, we stock traditional flint and strikers, but have you heard about fuel-free LED lighters? These amazing tools have been tested in sub-freezing weather and have proven to be a very reliable ignition source.  How about hot water? I guess you could use the fire you just created and heat some up, but take a look at our portable water heaters.  Using technology similar to the tankless water heaters found in homes, these heaters can dispense hot water in as little as 30 seconds with temperatures up to 125 degrees F.  

If you would rather create your own, Armor Readiness has a full selection of first aid kits, tools and utility items that will make your camp feel like home.  And because life isn’t all about doom and gloom, we carry a full compliment of shelters, easy-ups, and tents to complete your next trip to the beach, the woods, or even the two different soccer practices you have to be at today!