Blind, stun, confuse, or just illuminate; Armor Readiness has the handheld or weapon mounted light you are looking for!

Illumination has become a critically important aspect of preparedness.  In its most basic form, flashlights replaced the torch used by cave people to light the way.  Now, not only are you lighting the way, you can use them to signal, blind, and even stun subjects.  Some are now being built into impact tools!  As technology and tactics evolved, so have the available options.  Now we talk about lumens, strobe functions, and weapon mounts.  The Armor Readiness team have a clear understanding of these uses and tactics.  

There are a few schools of thought floating around the web.  Some say that the brightness of the light can be too bright, raising the risk of you blinding yourself if the light is shined directly at a white wall, door, or object. The other camp says that the brighter the better, you just need training.  Both are true definitely need to approach high lumen lights as you would any other tactic or tool.   

Personally, I have witnessed the effectiveness of using high-lumen lighting, especially with a strobe feature.  As a former tactical team leader in Las Vegas’ primary detention center, our teams have successfully been able to walk up to a combative subject and take him into custody using just the strobe feature of the weapon light of a 40mm. This same tactic can be used in your home to blind and disorientate a bad guy while you retreat, advance, or plan your next move.  

Take a look at our selection.  From weapon mounted lights, to handheld, strobe equipped models with stun capability, we have what you need in times of emergency.


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200 Lumen Tactical Led Light

200 Lumen Tactical Led LightProduct Dimensions: Length 5.25"The UZI-TFL3W 200-Lumen Tactical LED Lig..


500 Lumen Torch

500 Lumen TorchProduct Dimensions: Length 5.90"The UZI-TFL-XM25 500-Lumen Tactical LED Combat Light ..


FAB Defense 1" Flashlight - Integrated Picatinny Adapter

  PR-3 G2 FAB Defense 1" Tactical Flashlight with Integrated Picatinny Adapter   ..


FAB Speedlight G2 3V 1 inch

  Speed Light G2 3V 2nd Gen 1 inch Tactical flash light Built specifically to be place..


FAB Speedlight G2 6V 1 inch

  Speed Light G2 6V 2nd Gen 1 Inch 6V LED Tactical Flashlight Built specifically to be..


Guard Dog Astro- 2000 Lumen Waterproof Tactical Flashlight

The Guard Dog Astro boasts one of the brightest, most efficient flood tactical flashlights on the ma..


Guard Dog Empire - 1400 Lumen Waterproof Tactical Flashlight

The ultra wide enhanced aluminum reflector and ultra high output flashlight join to produce an extre..


Guard Dog Icon - 3000 Lumen Waterproof Tactical Flashlight w/ Battery Indicator

One of the brightest consumer and professional use flashlights in the world, the Guard Dog Icon shin..


Guard Dog Reflex - 600 lumen swivel head, magnetic tail cap and multi-light colors

Go boldly into the dark with the Reflex tactical flashlight from Guard Dog Security. This powerful a..


Guard Dog Xcess Lumen Waterproof Tactical Flashlight w/ Customizable Dimmer

The Guard Dog Xcess tactical flashlight provides a truly customizable light output in a gleaming 120..


Humvee Adventure Gear Camplight W/ Full Lantern

Humvee Adventure Gear Camplight W/ Full LanternDescription: Rechargeable super bright 5 watt LED spo..


Humvee Camping Light With Soft Light

Humvee Camping Light With Soft LightDescription: Rechargeable ultra high intesity 10 watt LED spotli..


Night-ops Flashlight Holder W/mod-u-lock Platform

Securely carry popular issued personal tactical lights with a quick-disconnect belt loop with one-ha..