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Are you a current or former member of law enforcement or the military? Thank you for your service!.. Armor Readiness works hard to supply the best products from the best suppliers in the industry to make you feel right at home when shopping for that new plate carrier or high end optic.  No experience at all? No problem!  Shop with us to get your hands on gear that has been tested in the field, the street, and across the globe.  Preparation is key!

What is a tactic?  What does it mean to be tactical or have a tactical mindset?

Without turning to the dictionary and copying that definition here, let's keep it simple.  A tactic is no more than a well thought out plan.  Being tactical or having a tactical mindset means thinking through that well thought out plan to reach a pre determined objective using sound logic, tried and true methods, and equipment you can count on.  Being outfitted with gear that you can count on is absolutely paramount, especially in an emergency!  Take a look at our selection of optics, illumination, knives, and gear.  

  • Knives - Armor Readiness provides something for everyone.  Having a good knife within reach can make things a lot easier.  We cary knives for those who carry and rely on them daily.   Who don’t worry about getting them dirty, banging them around, or putting them through the wringer.  That is exactly what they are for.  Looking for a high end knife that looks as good as it performs?  From Damascus to polished bone and carbon fiber, we have something for that someone who appreciates beautiful craftsmanship combined with rock-solid performance when needed.
  • Optics - Technology is changing the way we get things every level.  Optics for your rifle, shotgun, and even handgun are getting smaller, more advanced and reliable.  Some states have approved pistol-mounted optics like the Trijicon RMR for duty use.  These sights have made it much easier to acquire a target in low light and close quarter situations where you would normally be looking for that front site.  Optics for long guns have come a long way as well.  They have become smaller, lighter, and more accurate than ever.  But why use an optic or even a laser?​

 As far as handguns go, most shootings happen at a pretty close range.  Like 3 - 7 feet close!  Think about the time you have spent at the range calmly putting holes in your paper zombie target down range.  Your breathing is calm, your stance and grip are just right, the front sight is crystal clear, and the target is perfectly blurry.  Great job!.. Now trash all of that.  In a high stress situation, that quarter-sized grouping you were shooting at the range will lose about 50% of its accuracy when you are stumbling around looking for your slippers and your heart is beating out of your chest.  I can almost guarantee you will never see that front site in time.  This is where lasers or optics can help.  In times of stress, acquiring that laser is much easier, especially in low light.  Most shooters prefer using the sights, but when it's time to get a round to a critical part of the body, these optics can be a game changer.  On long guns, the advantage is different.  Now you are most likely engaging a problem from a longer distance.  The advantage of using an optic like the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic is the ability to see a crystal clear point of aim, AND have a clear view of the suspect.  With traditional iron sights, you are juggling your focus between the front site and then looking past it to the subject.  A lot can go wrong in that time.  Armor Readiness also has a great selection of weapon mounted lights under our illumination category.

O.K.  Enough of my rambling, I can go on for hours.  I'll let you take a look around.  If you aren’t seeing a particular optic, flashlight, or piece of duty gear, send us a quick email at and we will hunt around and see if we can get you what you need! Don’t forget to browse our emergency prepareedness kits!