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Welcome to Armor Readiness

Armor Readiness has everything you need to rest easy in times of emergency. 

It has been said, “It is better to prepare for something you will never need than need something you are not prepared for.”  This could not be a more accurate statement than when discussing natural or man made disaster.  In this day and age, one just has to look to the news to realize that it is the responsible thing to be able to operate without the help of anyone else.  Before we talk about the steps we all could take to be ready for the unexpected, let's talk about some very real threats and hazards some of us choose to ignore. 

  • Naturally Occurring Hazards - Wildfires, flooding, tornadoes, earthquake, etc..
  • Technology Failure - Power, utility, loss of infrastructure, access to EMS
  • Man-made - Chemical attacks, cyber attack, terrorism, EMP strikes

How do we prepare?  Well, first, take a second and think about how much we actually rely on services, utilities, and modern conveniences.  What would you do without the ability to run to the grocery store?  What about your cell phone or the option of being able to place a quick online order for items you are used to showing within minutes or days?  Across the world we have witnessed disasters, mass shootings, and unexpected occurrences where people were left completely on their own.  Imagine calling the police, the power company, or even a neighbor to ask for assistance, only to be told that you are completely on your own..sorry.  Ask yourself.. Are you ready?  

Armor Readiness can help.  It is recommended that a household has 7 days of emergency food and water on hand for each person in the minimum.  Not to mention the peace of mind of having legitimate first aid, shelter, and personal safety gear on hand.  Our goal is to provide everyone, from preppers, to soccer moms the resources needed to survive through the night, week, or months when when the unexpected happens. 

What About day-to-day life?  Years ago, it would be unheard of to think that someone could walk into a school, a church, or even your own home and create havoc, but history has proven us wrong.  In 2018 alone, over 307 mass shootings have occurred in the United States.  In 2017 there were almost 350!  In some cases, the shooter had a specific person or persons in mind and carried out the event focusing mainly on those persons.  In many others, the shooter had no real motive, no concrete list of targets and no regard for human life.  Although sad, it has become a horrible fact of life. That said, Armor Readiness has included a line of bulletproof products in hopes that we can disrupt the end goal of people intent on committing these acts.  We partner with some of the best companies around to offer bulletproof items like backpacks, picture frames, and wall calendars that can be donned like shields.


In addition to supplies for disaster and unexpected emergencies, we have also included products for those who are looking for law enforcement or military supplies.  Armor Readiness has just included a line of popular optics and sighting systems for firearms, rifles, and most any other application you can think of.  If you need something specific that you do not see on the site, please contact us and we will see if we can find what you need! 

In the market for a high end knife? Take a look.  We have stocked a large selection of high-end knives constructed of everything from damascus and carbon fiber to polished bone and anodized aluminum.  If you are the type that uses your pocket knife on a daily basis and does not think twice about putting it through the wringer, we have you covered too.  We do our best to keep our inventory within reach for every customer by stocking reasonably priced, field proven knives that are well built, and fit in any budget.  

At the most basic level, think about how much easier things are to handle when you know it is going to happen or have time to prepare yourself.  For example, have you ever been pushed into a cold pool or been the victim of a prank where someone jumps out and scares you?  What about that car repair that was never figured into the budget?  When you know it is going to happen, or know you have made preparations in advance, these events are much less scary, much less stressful, and much less fun for the person playing the prank!  So, the pool water is cold, it is quite high, and you know you’ve got to jump!… Are you ready? 

It is our hope that our emergency products sit static, never to be used.  But in the event you or your family is placed into an emergency situation, Armor Readiness will keep the prepper prepped, and your family safe.